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Mon 15 Apr 2019
‘When I was invited to take part in this event I was both, delighted and honoured. My reasons are “Artists these days have far more powerful voices than many politicians and therefore we can make a real difference! The planet needs us more than ever to save it!' The event will take place on the 16 April in Central London and is organised by Extinction Rebellion.
Fri 29 Mar 2019
Described by The Times as ‘an outstanding musician’, the Russian born composer and a concert pianist GéNIA has had to announce another show as a result of her sold out performance of ‘Babylon’ earlier this year. The show is celebrating the launch of GéNIA’s new album ‘Babylon’, which is released on the 29 March as a musical reference to the historical period during which the glowing Babylon region progressed to the most advanced level, only to be destroyed by its own residents.
Thu 28 Mar 2019
It has been a very busy month for GéNIA as she was promoting her new album ‘Babylon’ and was invited to various Radio and TV stations to talk about its creation and the concept. We will shortly post GéNIA’s interviews from Talk Radio, BBC 94.9 London Radio, Women’s Radio and London Live TV Channel as well as her in-depth interview with the award-winning fashion designer Jose Hendo. Meanwhile here are the snippets and links to the programmes.
Sun 17 Mar 2019
GéNIA’s album is set to be released on the 29 March 2019 world-wide. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many other digital channels world-wide. However, it is already available for pre-order on iTunes. Enjoy!
Sun 17 Mar 2019
GéNIA's show 'Babylon and its influences' on the 21 March got sold out very quickly. However due to the long waiting list, she decided to set up another show so all her fans could hear her play!
Fri 08 Feb 2019
GéNIA is delighted to announce the release of her new album 'Babylon' on the 29 March 2019 and launch it with a special performance on the 21 March 2019 in Shoreditch, London.
Fri 16 Nov 2018
GéNIA is excited to announce the release of  the new single Aphrodite (Remix) by renowned sound engineer, the multi-award winning Nigel Heath. Release Date 30 November 2018.
Thu 15 Nov 2018
GéNIA's piano solo compositions has recently appeared in the critically acclaimed TV series 'Killing Eve' starring Sandra Oh.
Fri 07 Sep 2018
Xacutti Productions and GéNIA MUSIC are proud to present two exciting releases. \'Aphrodite’ by GéNIA for solo piano and ‘GéNIA x VOID Aphrodite Redux’
Thu 09 Aug 2018
FFollowing many requests, I am delighted to announce the release of the 'Babylon' music score. Aimed at the intermediate to advanced players, I took the time to edit the score to the finest detail. The score can be purchased from this website.
"a charismatic pianist"
Gramophone, UK

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