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Mon 29 Apr 2019
It has only been 6 weeks since GéNIA’s last show in London, but to surprise her fans and offer them something new to listen to, GéNIA has prepared five new compositions, which has never been heard or released before. There also will be a surprise for her audience, revealed closer to the show, so stay in tune to find out more!
Mon 29 Apr 2019
Recently GéNIA was invited by London News TV Channel to talk about her new album ‘Babylon’ which was released on the 29 March 2019 and her sold out show in Shoreditch. To watch GéNIA’s interview please follow the link...
Mon 29 Apr 2019
GéNIA has been nominated for the Future Classic Women Awards by the Women’s Radio Station. If you would like to hear the show and also help GéNIA to win, please listen and share the recording of the interview, as the winner will be determined by the amount of plays each interview has received. Read more...
Mon 15 Apr 2019
‘When I was invited to take part in this event I was both, delighted and honoured. My reasons are “Artists these days have far more powerful voices than many politicians and therefore we can make a real difference! The planet needs us more than ever to save it!' The event will take place on the 16 April in Central London and is organised by Extinction Rebellion.

Welcome to the website of GéNIA, composer, concert pianist & founder of Piano-Yoga®. Known for her contemporary and classical music concerts as well as multimedia events, GéNIA is a driving force in new music, injecting a modern twist into the classical music scene. Follow GéNIA on Instagram and Facebook to find about pop-up shows, news, and limited edition releases!

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" outstanding musician, she knows how to communicate with her audience, and has the virtuosity that marks her out as a natural pianist." - The Times

GéNIA -'Babylon' New Album Worldwide Release 29/3/2019
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  Since GéNIA has been nominated as a Caffè Nero classical artist, her music is regularly played in all branches worldwide, reaching 20,000 people a day

GéNIA will be playing Sonata by Gubaidulina at King Place on the 9th Feb  2014.
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